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BIMBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of all the physical and functional characteristics of your building. A BIM model is a shared knowledge source or file with information about your building that serves as a reliable basis for making decisions throughout the life cycle of your building.

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Tekenbureau-cad is your partner using BIM 360 software. Honest and clear advice. Collaborate efficiently on BIM projects in the cloud. Support. Flexible. Practical. Loyal. Honest. Sustainable. Fast. Construction costs: 

We also calculate the construction costs for you by using. Excel 2016

WABO (environmental permit) 

The General Provisions on Environmental Law Act is a Dutch law that was introduced on 1 October 2010. The law regulates the environmental permit. The Wabo integrates a large number of permits, exemptions and reports into one environmental permit


This is a small selection of the numerous projects where we, as a drawing office, have been asked to assist, we work for private individuals, government agencies, architectural firms and contractors ..