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About us

For price-oriented customers

Our prices are significantly lower than those of our competitors, free quote. 

Construction Drawings BIM

We are also able to make construction drawings in Revit, Concrete, Steel and Reinforcement drawings 

Detailed documentation 

We make construction drawings, measurement statements, and competitions for tenders. 

Fast and reliable service, worldwide 

The application to the municipality is guaranteed within 2 weeks. 


In addition to drawing work, we also do other work, such as:-

BIM Drafting designs

Architectural drawings for the building application and contractor. 

Drawing work for Architects, consultancy firms and individuals 

Measurement statements for construction projects 

Measurement statements for construction project, for contractors and subcontractors using Excel 2016 

Purchase and Quote's for Main Contractor

We also provide the Purchase and tender quote service using 12Build


Marianne van der Locht


"Always willing to help you is my motto"

Ron Coufreur

Designer Ontwerper

"My motto, the client is always King"

H. Peeters


"every design is een unique concept, which you and I will both proud of ...."